About Top Fanz

Top Fanz is an open social networking platform where passionate soccer fans support their various clubs while challenging each other in the "safest and most convenient way" without having to wager any money.

In other words, you predict the winner (not scores) of live soccer game outcomes against opponents and snatch them to become fans of your chosen club upon winning the predictions while accumulating points. Activities are based on real time scores. Snatched fans can return to their clubs by paying the bail fee with Top Coins.

" Get the juice from your passion while connecting with other fans socially !!! "

Every month, the fan with the highest point gets $500 USD. " Simple mathematics, no lottery or raffle draws involved"

1st payout will be in November 2016. Subsequent payouts will be monthly.

Top Fanz currently supports only the top five leagues in Europe. English Premier League, Spanish La Liga , German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1.

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